Our friends at the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance are conducting a national needs assessment survey.
They need 500 Canadians to complete the survey between April 2 & June 30, 2014. Thank you for participating!

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Our Vision

  • We encourage the ongoing participation of all members of the autism community in BC.
  • We actively foster, and benefit from, the synergy of bringing together families, practitioners and researchers.
  • We are a family-centered service organization.
  • We customize our services to the needs of the individual with ASD and their family.
  • We maintain an environment that promotes innovation.
  • We embrace evidence-based practice.
  • We provide accurate information on a wide variety of therapies in a respectful manner.
  • We believe in universality.
  • We advocate for fair, equitable and inclusive access to services regardless of location or economic situation.
  • Our governance is controlled by the community.
  • We ensure oversight is provided by appropriate professional advisory committees.
  • We operate as a not-for-profit agency and charitable organization.
  • The Centre maintains rigorous accountability.
  • We reach out to those most in need.


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Recent News

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Richmond Review Covers Autism Centre Plans

Richmond Review Covers Autism Centre Plans

by  Martin van den Hemel – Richmond Review

Construction of a new 58,000-square-foot centre for the study, treatment and assessment of autism, could begin on Sea Island in the next three months.

Sergio Cocchia, co-founder of the Pacific Autism Family Centre Foundation, said the $28-million facility was originally slated to be built in Vancouver, but a change-of-heart involving one of the project’s partners led the foundation to try to secure a property in Richmond.

Cocchia met with members of Richmond council at a general purposes committee meeting on Monday, at which he presented his plans and said he received a great response.

“They were incredibly supportive,” Cocchia said.


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