Dwell Stack Data Solution

An innovative iOS app and web admin application have been developed to provide care teams methods to collect, store, and monitor biometric and/or environmental data for those on the autism spectrum.

A New Collaborative, Data-Driven Solution

In collaboration with 2m Foundation, First Place Global Leadership Institute and Pacific Autism Family Network, the UBC Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) has developed an iOS app and web administrative application that provides care teams with a method to collect, store, monitor and access biometric and environmental information on variables that may trigger or precede a seizure or meltdown for an individual on the autism spectrum.

The UBC CIC team developed three major components to capture biometric and environmental information that could potentially be used in a model for predicting seizures. These components include:

1) An iOS app that collects biological data via an Apple watch.

2) Environmental sensors based on integrated third-party solutions; specifically Airthings and/or DIY Arduino Gas Sensors which collect carbon dioxide (CO2) info among other elements.

3) A web administrative (admin) application which provides access to centralized data  that contains information from wearable devices and environmental sensors.

An Initial Lack of Reliable Tracking Methods

Care teams of individuals on the autism spectrum have limited and inconsistent methods to record and track variables that might trigger or serve as indicators for seizures and meltdowns. These variables vary and may be biological, such as changes in heart rate variability; or environmental, such as temperature and CO2 levels.

Most care teams rely on memory to manually record variables, but such data is often problematic for specialists who are unable to utilize the information for meaningful analyses and decision-making regarding treatments.

Links To Dwell Stack Apps & Dashboard

Link to health platform dashboard: https://github.com/UBC-CIC/health-platform

Link to iOS app: https://github.com/UBC-CIC/health-platform-iOS-watchOS

Link to Arduino: https://github.com/UBC-CIC/health-platform-arduino

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