Jobs, Employment & Training (JET)

Jobs, Employment & Training (JET) is an innovative program crafted to offer vital support to young adults aged 19 and older living with disabilities.

About The Program

Jobs, Employment & Training (JET) is a pioneering initiative designed to provide crucial assistance to young adults aged 19 and above who live with disabilities. Specifically crafted for individuals who have aged out of formal schooling but still require essential skill development, JET serves as a beacon of support and empowerment.

The primary focus of JET is to address critical skill areas necessary for fostering independence, inclusion, and active participation within the community. By honing practical life skills and enhancing communication and social interaction abilities, JET empowers participants to confidently navigate the world around them.

However, JET is not just about skill acquisition; it's about unlocking a world of possibilities. By equipping individuals with the tools they need to succeed, JET creates pathways for meaningful engagement in community activities, vocational pursuits, and social interactions. Whether it's securing employment opportunities, pursuing further education, or actively participating in community initiatives, JET enables individuals to realize their full potential and seize the opportunities available to them.

For more information please contact us at 604-207-1996.

The JET Impact

JET harnesses the expertise of field specialists across various domains, including Communication, Life Skills, Community Access, Assistive Technology, and Health and Fitness, in conjunction with Behavior Analysts. This unique collaboration enables us to deconstruct complex concepts and customize educational approaches to suit individual student needs, maximizing learning potential.

At the core of JET's mission and vision is the seamless transition of classroom-acquired skills into real-world applications. By breaking down learning objectives into manageable steps and skills, we empower students to apply their newfound knowledge and abilities in practical settings, fostering independence and confidence every step of the way.

May 2024 Employment Information Session:

From our Paper Planes Cafe to our Employment Works and JET program we’re proud to offer an array of inclusive employment programs and are hosting a hybrid information session on May 8th both online and in-person! Join us to learn more about what training and inclusive employment opportunities we can support you with. REGISTER HERE!

A Lifeline of Support: JP's Journey with JET

In 2021, JP embarked on a transformative journey with JET, finding tailored support and boundless opportunities for growth. This program has become an indispensable part of his daily life, offering personalized assistance and fostering his development.

For JP and his family, the impact of JET is profound, bringing a sense of peace and anticipation as they navigate life's challenges with the help of dedicated staff like Joaquin and Michelle.

Heidi, JP's mother, reflects on the immediate sense of welcome and gratitude she experienced upon introduction to the program. With heartfelt appreciation to the Pacific Autism Family Network and its generous donors, Heidi acknowledges the vital role they play in sustaining initiatives like JET, enriching the lives of individuals like JP.

The PAFN Impact

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