ET Music Therapy

ET Music Therapy is based on one simple principle: music is one of the most motivating and effective mediums for building strong connections for autistic individuals and those with diverse needs. Serving Early Intervention to Adolescents & Adults.

Music For Building Strong Connections With Autistic Individuals

We serve autistic individuals, those with diverse needs, early intervention, adolescents and adults.

We operate out of our 2 music therapy studio locations in North Vancouver and Richmond BC, as well as online sessions. ET Music Therapy helps develop important elements in communication, cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills.

“In only three to four sessions with ET Music Therapy, I see a big difference in my autistic four-year-old’s behaviours. There are so many positive changes - he’s more trusting and is excited to play a new instrument or musical game. If you have a child with any disabilities, this company is a must-try!”

ET Music Therapy Offers In-Person Music Therapy

  • Individual & group sessions
  • Rock Band
  • Adapted music lessons
  • Facilitated workshops, presentations
  • Consultation & Training
  • Relaxation Recordings for download

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