ABLE Developmental Clinic Inc.

The ABLE Developmental Clinic is a private multidisciplinary clinic providing assessment, treatment and consultation for children and youth experiencing difficulties with Attention, Behaviour, Learning and Emotion.

The ABLE Developmental Clinic is a beacon of comprehensive support for children and youth encountering hurdles in attention, behavior, learning, and emotion. Our esteemed multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing assessment, treatment, and consultation services tailored to individuals of all ages. In addition to our core offerings, we extend sibling support services, facilitate social pragmatic language groups, and deliver infant and toddler intervention utilizing the Evidence-Based Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) approach.

Clinic Professions
- Clinical Child Psychology
- Child Neuropsychology - Surrey
- Educational Psychology
- Individual/Family Counselling
- Behavioural Consulting - Mobile
- Speech/Language Pathology

Current Staff at PAFN include Psychologists, Counsellors and Speech Language Pathologists.

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