SIBS Clinic

In 2017, the SIBS Clinic was inaugurated to meet the specific needs of SIB patients and their families. The SIB clinic space takes advantage of PAFN’s established virtual presence/platform for equitable access.

Destigmatizing SIBS & Encouraging Dialogue

Self-injurious behaviours (SIBS) are acts where a person physically harms themselves. It includes behaviours such as head banging with knees or objects, self-biting and chewing, pinching, slapping, hitting and punching. SIB can also extend beyond childhood, making it a concern that impacts individuals across their lifespans. The personal impact on those with SIB and their families is immeasurable.

The SIBs clinical space centralizes our clinical experience at PAFN for the community. We utilize our resources to distribute knowledge, generate novel approaches to assessment and management, enhance training opportunities, and provide integrative treatment. Early identification and diagnosis, followed by timely and comprehensive clinical and other supports can help address the physical and emotional causes and traumas associated with SIB.

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