Little Pilots Inclusive Preschool

Little Pilots Inclusive Preschool provides meaningful social and learning experiences to all students ages 2.5 to 5 years regardless of background, experience, or ability. Children with different needs learn better when they learn together.

Building An Inclusive Environment

At the Little Pilots Inclusive Preschool, children on the Autism spectrum learn alongside typically developing classmates. Children who have no diagnosis benefit from the school’s individualized curriculum while they build social awareness and learn to accommodate different types of friends. They master early learning lessons by sharing them with classmates and becoming role models and partners for practicing play and communication skills.

All children can learn at the Little Pilots Inclusive Preschool, regardless of diagnosis or needs. We know everyone has something to work on, whether sharing or shyness, patience or paying attention. Learning to accept and enjoy friends with differences prepares young learners to succeed in their community schools and in Canadian society.

PAFN Supportive Instruction

Our caring instructors are fluent in contemporary teaching and behavioural support strategies and receive regular supervision and consultation from experts in the field. By maintaining a high ratio of specialized staff to preschool participants, we ensure that all individuals receive the care and instruction they need.

The PAFN Impact

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